The Banks of Inverary

Julie sings The Banks of Inverary, from the Southern Harvest collection of songs from the Hammond and Gardiner manuscripts; we were introduced to this great book by our friend Nick Dow, who was heavily involved in its editing and production. This particular song was collected from Robert Barratt of Piddletown, Dorset in 1905.

We hope you enjoy the song!

The Old Garden Gate

A song collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams, this time from a Mr. Broomfield, in the village of East Hornden, Essex. It’s a poetic song describing a young girl’s disappointment, and the tune is surely one of the great glories of English folk song.

Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade. It’s an American swing-era popular song originally composed as a band piece by Glenn Miller. Mitchell Parish added the lyrics later. It’s just made for a voice like Julie’s, but it’s also a Jeffries duet concertina favourite of mine. I wonder whether it ever played this particular number in the hands of an earlier owner…